In pursuit of a gift with Mirek and Lenka


DIY kit for arranging a quest for children up to 13 years old.
Number of players: one or two teams in 4-6 persons.  
Time of play: up to 90 minutes.
One adult is enough for setting everything up. 
This kit is used for arranging a quest in a condo or a house

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The box contains:

  • Cards for searching a gift:
    • 12 types of tasks,
    • 33 puzzles
    • 4 blank cards for your tasks
  • Detailed instruction for arranging a quest: different approaches on hiding assignments, correct answers, useful tips.  

Items that can be used in the game: Hallway, Poster, Oven, Pillow, Wardrobe, Freezer, Computer, Lamp, Backpack, Carpet, Bed, Balcony, Pot, Washing machine, Table, Chairs, Mirror, Shelf, Vase and others .

Quest is for self-use only. Commercial use, copying, and distribution is not allowed.

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