Murder in the Nightclub

language of the game

The kit includes booklets for 6 characters:


  • Michael Newton – the former employee, used to be a baretender in the club;
  • Magnus Johnson – Romeo’s childhood friend, works as a bouncer in the club;


  • Edwina Wood – the cousin of the deceased, Greenpeace member;
  • Dorta Miller – the mother of the deceased;
  • Debra McCarty – the girlfriend of the deceased, works in the club as a dancer;

Universal (unisex) character:

  • Emma Cole – the transvestite, works as a waiter in the club.

If you have got artistic company and there is no gender balance; the characters can be distributed non-gender-sensitive. It will not spoil the game.

If you like, several days before the game you can send to all participants invitation cards (they are included) with tips on costumes. Compliance with recommendations will grace the game, but strict compliance is not necessary.

The booklet consists of:

  • Rules
  • Character discriptions
  • 4 information blocks.

Data sheet

Language of the game
Czech, English, Russian